well y’all…

just came back from tallahassee florida
got there late monday nite and stayed til yesterday afternoon

we were getting my niece ready for school
and so many amazing things happened

me and one of the sistas that we stayed with debriefed FINALLY 10 years later about this dude that we were dating at the SAME time
that was hilarious and fabulous in so many different ways
for some reason…i was then surprised that we had SUCH similar tastes in men
i mean down to the fact that the last brothas that we’ve had major crushes on
were around 400 or so pounds…
she pronounced that we might have some “save a ho” tendencies

i can’t say that i entirely disagree
but i will say that i make a really conscious effort to not be in relationships with men who would be better suited as CLIENTS than companions…
i prolly do a better job at it some days than others…
she and i made a resolution tho “no more handicapped boos”
we got ta do betta…

cyn volunteered to get a shirt made that says no more handicapped boos and wear it periodically to remind us of our commitment to excellent boo-dom
she said “i ain’t even gone say nothin…i’mma just put it on and wear it around sometimes”

then i found out that one of the other women (Oni) is a jewelry maker like myself!
she makes these outstanding assed feather earrings
i’m gonna help her pull together a webspace to sell on
building with her was exciting and inspirational
cause she had info for me and i had some for her too…it was just regular ole GOOD to talk to her…

anotha one of the divine trio (jew’EL) is one of the funkiest broads eva…she makes the banginest blueberry pancakes and she told us how to twist our locs into a fabulous 50s looking flip!  she has a twin sista who stopped by and joined in our discussion on religion and faith traditions and such…

there was a number dance each morning performed by my godson and the illustrious kendra

and as i said there were blueberry pancakes and coffee
really REALLY good eggs

we went to an african dance class
got there too late to REALLY participate
but i was able to recognize the song for sorsornet played on the balafon (THANKS HADIYAH) and THAT is the rhythm that they played at the end!!!

my niece got up and did an extra fly solo


we went and met a 78 year old priestess of OSHUN!!!!
SHE was so fresh!
golden from head to TOE! i kid you not!
with incense billowing out of her home…
and a shrine room that was simply WONDERFUL!
i’ve been encouraged to go on and put together my first book
on group facilitation
 i now know how i’m gonna fund one of my major life undertakings!
i got to eat a guthries chicken finger box

AND all of the sistas got to talkin about our religious experiences in the south
we are all more or less Orisha worshippers now
but we were church folks to begin with
and all the richness of the black church experience
the commonalities
and the differences between the denominations
and there was really good lemonade and apple juice
we went to this pita spot!
and they made what they called “greek fries”
they FRIED the pita
and made this garlicy cottge cheesey dipping sauce

AAAAAAAAAAND i got to introduce my niece to pokey sticks from gumby’s pizza
cynthia and i had spoken of them for years
and yeah
she got to taste their greasy cheesy goodness
NO ONE was disappointed
i took a pick of her and my godson eating them

i journaled just about everyday
we went to the pool before we left
worked on our tans and played in the water
floridian sun is AMAZING

kickin it with the sistas was AMAZING
they were as excited about us as we were about them!

the journey home was filled with debriefing
grown lady talk about healing the world
and what we can do about it on a concrete level
creative potty using for the little people
and about two minutes from my house…an honest to God COYOTE!
the trickster welcoming us home…

the biggest lesson for me on this trip was in letting go and relaxing into the experience…holding on too tight to some supposed tos will only cause pain and distress…

it was truly a wonder FULL experience

and a blessing for my spirit…

creating new bonds of sisterhood
reconfirming old ones
sending a young woman off to begin a new phrase of womanhood

pancakes and coffee
affirmations and love
swimming pools
singing stars
feather earrings and fly shoes
A NEW CAR (c) bob barker
Baptism and Black Womanhood
50s hairdos and platform shoes
number dances
Oshun and the honeypots

relax into your blessings y’all
they’re layin all around you waiting for you to notice ’em
be grateful (c) my momma


“Be concentrated and leonine in the hunt for what is your true nourishment.” -Rumi


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  1. 1

    omi said,

    “the biggest lesson for me on this trip was in letting go and relaxing into the experience…holding on too tight to some supposed tos will only cause pain and distress…”

    ase. i think that’s a HUGE lesson in my life right now…

    this WHOLE THING is just making my soul smile…

    • 2

      Osunyoyin said,

      thank you for that reflection sis!

      letting go of all of my supposed tos seems to be what my mid 20s to now are for…

      i cain’t WAIT to see what i’ll be doing at the end of these 30s! lol!

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